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The Microscope and the Practical Principles of Observation / Микроскоп и практические принципы наблюдения

Theodore Stephanides / Теодор Стефанидес

Название The Microscope and the Practical Principles of Observation / Микроскоп и практические принципы наблюдения
Автор Theodore Stephanides / Теодор Стефанидес
Издательство Faber and Faber Limited
Год 1947
Метки биология
Размер 4.58 МБ
Рейтинг книги
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Since its invention, the microscope has made itself indispensable in an ever growing number of fields of research until, at the present time, there is scarcely a science or an industry that does not depend on it to a greater or lesser degree for its advancement.Working with the microscope is not however as simple as is often thought, and to get the most out of this instrument a careful technique must be followed. Should this be neglected, there is the risk not only of missing many essential details, but - graver still - of being misled by false appearances and optical illusions.Most books on microscopy, which describe the preparation and staining of animal and plant tissues and other objects for microscopical study, give little or no instruction as to their examination when actually upon the microscope stage.The present volume attempts to meet this want, and presents a methodical survey of the technique of microscopical observation. It was primarily written from the medical angle, but the fundamental principles remain the same for all the other branches of microscopy as a whole.The author lays no claim to new methods, but, by collecting the procedures and techniques found in a great number of different works, by unifying them and incorporating certain details suggested by his own experience, he hopes to have compiled a handbook that will smooth the path of the beginner and perhaps also be of some value to the more advanced worker with the microscope._____________Микроскоп и практические принципы наблюдения. Научный труд Теодора Стефанидеса - наставника юного Джеральда Даррелла. На английском языке.

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