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Foundations of Fuzzy Control

Jantzen J.

Название Foundations of Fuzzy Control
Автор Jantzen J.
Издательство John Wiley & Sons
Год 2007
Метки теория автоматического управления control systems fuzzy logic control нечеткие системы управления
Размер 3.11 МБ
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The objective of this textbook is to explain the behaviour of fuzzylogic
controllers. Under certain conditions, a fuzzy controller is equivalent
to a proportional-integral-derivative (PID) controller. The equivalence enables
the use of analysis methods from linear and nonlinear control theory. In the
linear domain, PID tuning methods and stability criteria can be transferred to
linear fuzzy controllers. The Nyquist plot shows the robustness of different
settings of the fuzzy gain parameters. As a result, it can be guaranteed that a
fuzzy controller will perform as well as any PID controller. In the nonlinear
domain, the stability of four standard control surfaces can be analysed by
means of describing functions and Nyquist plots. The self-organizing controller
(SOC) has been shown to be a model reference adaptive controller. There
is a possibility that a nonlinear fuzzy PID controller performs better than a
linear PID controller, but there is no guarantee for the same. Even though a
fuzzy controller is nonlinear in general, and commonly built in a trial-and-error
fashion, we can conclude that control theory does provide tools for explaining
the behaviour of fuzzy-control systems. Further studies are required, however,
to find a design method such that a fuzzy-control system exhibits a particular
behaviour in accordance with a set of performance specifications.

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