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Newspaper Russian A Vocabulary of Administrative and Commercial Idiom

John Slatter

Название Newspaper Russian A Vocabulary of Administrative and Commercial Idiom
Автор John Slatter
Год 2000
Метки языкознание
Размер 1.51 МБ
Рейтинг книги
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The Russian press has undergone huge transformations in the years
since the death of Konstantin Chernenko in early 1985. Every
change at any level in Russia in the supervening period has been
reflected in its press. Перестройка (Perestroika) has been followed
by the economic ‘cold shower’ of early post-communism and then
by the less dramatic but still inexorably transforming period of
reform under successor prime ministers and presidents: all these
have wrought tremendous changes in Russia’s political landscape.
In particular the relatively free elections have been reported on in
detail in the local and national press although with more interest in
personalities and personal lives (the age of компромат –
kompromat or compromising material) than might be the case else-
where. The ongoing struggle between the president and the govern-
ment on the one hand and the Duma on the other has received
considerable, even obsessively detailed, coverage in the Russian
press. The fluctuating relations between the various political parties
in the Duma have been an additional focus of attention, although
the title of ‘political party’ must be in doubt: it is certainly difficult
to devise a definition of political parties which would cover both
the great ideological blocks seen in Western political life and the
factional groupings, usually dominated by a single individual or
small group of individuals, of the Russian Duma. Interestingly, of
late the 1920s term ‘faction’ (фракция), with its somewhat negative
overtones, has been revived to describe these groups

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