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Python Essentials

Steven F. Lott

Название Python Essentials
Автор Steven F. Lott
Издательство Packt Publishing
Год 2015
Метки программирование
Размер 1.8 МБ
Рейтинг книги
(оценок < 5)
1 10




About This Book- Learn the essentials of Python programming to get you up and coding effectively- Get up-to-speed with the most important built-in data structures in Python, using sequences, sets, and mappings- Explore typical use cases for various features in Python through this compact guideWho This Book Is ForThis book is designed for Python 2 developers who want to get to grips with Python 3 in a short period of time. It covers the key features of Python, assuming you are familiar with the fundamentals of Python 2.What You Will Learn- Use Python interactively and master the art of writing efficient Python scripts- Learn techniques for working with string data, including how to use regular expressions to parse strings- Get to know how the short-circuit and if-else logic operators work- Explore mutable data structures including list, set, and dict- Define functions with positional and optional parameters, and learn to use keyword argument values when calling a function- Write generator functions, generator expressions, and comprehensions- Master the use of exceptions for handling errors and other unexpected conditions- Understand the importance of working with files, context manager, and the with statementIn DetailPython Essentials provides a vital tour of the most critical features of Python. Starting with setup and installation, you will soon dive into exploring built-in-library types, Python's rich collection of operators and built-in functions, variables, assignment and scoping rules.From this foundation, you will explore functions, a crucial aspect of any programming language, including considerable sophistication in defining parameters to a function and providing argument values. Explore advanced functional programming using generator expressions, comprehensions, and generator functions. Handle file input and output using web services and context managers, exception handling and explore wider, popular frameworks.Through this concise and practical guide, you will explore all you need to know to leverage this powerful, and industry-standard, programming language.

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