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Attack Proof, 2nd Edition / Аргумент атаки, 2-ое издание

John Perkins, Al Ridenhour, Matt Kovsky / Джон Перкинс, Ал Риденхор, Мэт Ковски

Название Attack Proof, 2nd Edition / Аргумент атаки, 2-ое издание
Автор John Perkins Al Ridenhour Matt Kovsky / Джон Перкинс Ал Риденхор Мэт Ковски
Издательство Human Kinetics
Год 2009
Метки Самооборона
Размер 21.7 МБ
Рейтинг книги
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Real violence is not like anything you see in the movies or the ring. Ask any street cop or soldier: Real violence is total chaos and cannot be defended against with either patterned technique training or sport fighting.Attack Proof presents a proven personal protection system, called guided chaos, for anticipating and fending off even the most brutal assaults. It's based on the real-world experiences and forensic homicide research of a former New York cop and instructor for members of the FBI, U.S. Marines and air marshals, and security personnel for dignitaries.Attack Proof trains you to become a martial realist by preparing you for the unexpected. Rather than robotic techniques or rules-based sport fighting, Attack Proofteaches you how to adapt, improvise, and survive, creating your defense spontaneously as you need it. With protection strategies for larger assailants, car and airline hijackings, workplace violence, multiple attackers, fighting on the ground and in stairwells, and attacks and defenses using guns, knives, sticks, and canes, Attack Proofis the next best thing to having your own personal bodyguard.Featuring the same tactics used by select police, military, and security professionals to defend themselves, Attack Proofis the trusted guide to personal protection when real violence occurs.В книге представлена самооборона направления Guided Chaos (управляемый хаос).

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