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Knife & Tomahawk Throwing: The Art of the Experts / Метание ножа и томагавка: Искусство специалистов

Harry K. McEvoy / Гарри МакЭвой

Название Knife & Tomahawk Throwing: The Art of the Experts / Метание ножа и томагавка: Искусство специалистов
Автор Harry K. McEvoy / Гарри МакЭвой
Издательство Tuttle Publishing
Год 1988
Метки боевые искусства
Размер 5 МБ
Рейтинг книги
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Harry McEvoy, foremost expert in the field of tomahawk and knife throwing and best-selling author of Knife Throwing: A Practical Guide, provides us with an exciting, in-depth look at the popular sport of weapon throwing.Meet the men who throw flaming knives at lovely ladies on a spinning target—and not scorch a hair; learn about the legendary "Skeeter" Vaughan, whose record-breaking throw saved the lives of hundreds of U.S. servicemen during World War II; and witness the courage of Tony Cascarella, who brought down a 275-pound wild boar with only three Bowie-Axe throwing knives.In addition, this book will clearly show you the skills involved in knife and tomahawk throwing—skills all the professionals first mastered before attempting the daring feats required when performing the "impalement arts." Also presented is an interesting history of throwing-knives, from the earliest times, through the development of the European daggers, and up to the knives used during the Vietnam War. Furthermore, you'll learn about many of the other throwing weapons of the world, including the martial arts weapons used by the Japanese ninja, and the deadly boomerangs of the Australian aborigines.Concisely written and illustrated with more than 50 photographs—including many of the "greats" in action—Knife and Tomahawk Throwing is a must for anyone interested in these fascinating sports.Руководство по метанию ножей и томагавков. Текста много, картинок мало.

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