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VMware Certified Professional-Data Center Virtualization on vSphere 5.5

Brian Atkinson

Название VMware Certified Professional-Data Center Virtualization on vSphere 5.5
Автор Brian Atkinson
Издательство Sybex
Год 2014
Метки компьютерная литература
Размер 36.84 МБ
Рейтинг книги
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VCP5-DCV is one of the certifi cations offered in VMware’s datacenter virtualization certification area. The VCP5-DCV will test your ability to install, confi gure, and administera vSphere 5.5 environment. VMware believes VCP5-DCV candidates will have approximately6 months of vSphere experience and a general IT experience level of 2–5 years. Thisgeneral IT experience is expected because virtualization incorporates so many differentaspects of IT. Experience with networking, storage, systems, security, programming, command-line interfaces, and more will all serve a vSphere administrator well.Although having general IT experience and familiarity with vSphere 5.5 is a step in theright direction, there is also the requirement of a VMware-authorized course to obtainVCP5-DCV certifi cation. This course requirement ensures that anyone who passes theVCP5-DCV exam have some hands-on experience with the products. The classes are comprehensiveand very good at introducing students to subjects they might not otherwise haveexperience with. The courses are a great learning experience, but do not assume that thesefew days of coursework will be a suitable substitute for months or years of real-world experience.There is no substitute for actually knowing how and when to use vSphere.The VCP5-DCV exam blueprint is the offi cial guide to be used for the VCP5-DCV.Any objective listed in the VCP5-DCV exam blueprint is fair game for the exam, and youshould expect to be tested on each objective. This book very closely follows the VCP5-DCVexam blueprint, as it was versioned at the time this book was written. Some objectives weremoved to chapters where they made more contextual sense.

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