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General Statistics

V.Z. Aladjev, V.A. Vaganov

Название General Statistics
Автор V.Z. Aladjev V.A. Vaganov
Издательство International Academy of Noosphere
Год 2014
Метки общая статистика statistics probability theory mathematical statistics
Размер 2.97 МБ
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The present book is a statistic course for undergraduate students in all fields of social and economical sciences. The book presents a manual on the course "General Theory of Statistics", including a series of not quite traditional topics. First of all, it concerns the mathematical bases of statistics and usage of computer technologies in statistical probing. Thematic choice of the chapters and sections of the book is caused not only by interests and tastes of the authors, but also modern tendencies in applied statistics and orientation of the given work.

The given book contains a series of concrete proposals for improvement of statistical practice; many of these proposals are based on our experience in practical statistical activity in statistical organs of the USSR and Estonia in the early nineties of the last century. A comparability aspect of the Soviet statistical school inheriting rather many traditions of the worldwide known Russian school of probability theory and statistics, with western statistics can be interesting enough to the English–speaking reader both in historical and substantial respect.

This book has been written for a large enough audience of statisticians, researchers, teachers, students, collegians and users of statistics in behavioral and social sciences. Above all, the given book is directed to a wide circle of the readers studying statistical disciplines in high schools and colleges; but, it can be useful enough also to persons independently studying statistics. The presence in the book of a series of untraditional themes makes by its useful manual for all who by and large adjoins in own activity to the statistical data analysis of various character and nature.

The novel features of this course are numerous examples of statistical procedures that are implemented in environment of the known computer mathematics system Maple. The source codes of the procedures are included in body text of the book, allowing to use them directly in the Maple system with concrete data of the reader. At that, these and other procedures are in the UserLib, allowing to carry out simple statistical data analysis of different nature and purpose in the Maple. Library can be free–of–charge downloaded from our web sites represented below.

Material of the present book is based on three our Russian books whose pressrun was completely sold out. These books have been written on the basis of a series of courses of lectures on the General Theory of Statistics, Probability Theory and Mathematical Statistics given for undergraduate students of Universities of Byelorussia and Baltic countries, which specialize in the field of economical and social sciences. The present book contains vast enough both English and Russian literature on different aspects of general and applied statistics.

Taking into account more and more increasing role of statistical analysis (as one of the main prerequisites of ensuring of a feedback in management) for an ensuring of the reliable information in economics, finance, banking, business and management, there are all prerequisites that the offered book will find the numerous readers of the different level and spheres of activity.

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